Monday, August 8, 2011

Interskill Learning Releases New Courses and Updates!

Interskill Learning is pleased to announce the latest release of 2011. This offering includes new and updated mainframe training products and upgrades to the MyInterskill Learning Management System. Find out more about this new release and our entire mainframe training catalog
    •New Introduction to WebSphere MQ •New DB2 Stored Procedures Training course •New Assembler z/OS Adv and Assembler Cross Memory Services  courses •New z/OS 1.12 Series, Console Simulator v1.12 •All assessments Updated •Mainframe Presenter Series: 4 New Titles!
For eligible training accounts the courses will be assigned to your training profile automatically, if you do not license the complete product line from Interskill Learning and are interested in the new curriculum, please contact us at 770-872-4278, email us at or visit our website ( for more details.