Wednesday, September 3, 2014

New and Updated Mainframe Training Courses at Interskill Learning

Interskill Learning has released new and updated mainframe training courses. As you know, Interskill Learning has been working hard to be the first in releasing online training courses in IBM z/OS version 2.1. Take advantage of our low cost online training courses. No need to schedule for classes or spend your training dollars on travel expenses. Take your our training courses 24/7 and as many times as you wish. Click here if you are ready to start training today!
Data Center Storage Management Curriculum v2.1
Storage Fundamentals for Data Centers
Storage Networks, Administration, and DASD Management Using ICKDSF
Using DFSMS to Manage the z/OS Storage Environment

IBM Mainframe Communications Series v2.1
IBM Mainframe Communications Concepts
IBM Mainframe Communications - VTAM Commands
Mainframe TCP/IP Commands

IBM Power Series - IBM i Curriculum
DB2 for IBM i - Introduction for Programmers - NEW

z/OS Utilities Curriculum v2.1
General Data Set Utilities
Data Utilities
Introduction to VSAM 

JES2 Curriculum v2.1
JES2 System Initialization & Shutdown
Monitoring Batch Jobs with JES2
Using JES2 in Scheduling Batch Jobs
Identify and Resolve JES2 Batch Problems
Identify and Resolve JES2 System Problems 

CA Technologies Curriculum
CA OPS/MVS Series - UPDATED to R12
CA OPS/MVS - Overview, Components and Features
CA OPS/MVS - Automating Events Using the Relational Data Framework
CA OPS/MVS - Automating Events Using the SSM
CA OPS/MVS - Schedule and Group Managers for Event Mgmt