Tuesday, June 6, 2017

New and Updated Courses Released by Interskill Learning

The entire CICS curriculum has been updated to version 5.3! These courses contain many new features and training benefits for CICS operators and programmers.

We have also added 4 new assessments to our collection for PL/I and COBOL.

As always, existing students receive these courses with their qualifying license/subscription. Be sure to enroll for this new curriculum when you login to the Learning Management System training portal.

CICS TS Operations Series
  • CICS TS - Introduction
  • CICS - Explorer Fundamentals
  • CICS TS - Controlling CICS Operations
  • CICS Command Simulations

CICS TS Programmers Series

  • CICS - Programming Basics
  • Program Control and Communication
  • Files and Databases
  • Storage and Transient Data
  • Programming for Web Access
  • Using CICS Transaction Gateway
  • CICS Terminal Communications
  • Using SDF II To Maintain CICS TS Maps
  • Programming for Recovery
  • Debugging CICS Programs

New Assessments

  • COBOL Basics Assessment
  • COBOL Advanced Assessment
  • PL/I Basics Assessment
  • PL/I Advanced Assessment

COMING SOON! – Courses on Blockchain Technology

Note: The current CICS Curriculum will be retired on October 31, 2017. Students please be sure to use the new CICS 5.3 curriculum. learn more at