Thursday, December 4, 2014

Interskill Learning Releases New Course Updates!

Interskill Learning has released new and updated mainframe training courses. As you know, Interskill Learning makes training easy by eliminating the need to schedule for classes or spend your training dollars on travel expenses. Take your our online training courses 24/7 and as many times as you wish. Click here if you are ready to start training today!

This quarter we have updated the Cloud Computing Curriculum to z/OS v2.1 as well as updating our assessments. (z/OS, CICS, JES2, TSO/ISPF, Mainframe Network Communications and JCL)

We also have big news for the coming new year, with many NEW courses coming soon!


Releasing in 2015 Q1

  • IBM Rational Developer for System z (RDz) - New
  • COBOL Curriculum - Update
  • DB2 Curriculum - Update

Releasing in 2015 Q2

  • PMBOK5 Project Management Curriculum - New
  • IBM Wave - New
  • z/OS Connect - New
  • DevOps Fundamentals - New
  • Enterprise Big Data and Hadoop - New
  • C/C++ on z/OS for C Programmers - New
  • Language Environment and LE Dumps - New
  • Java on z/OS for Java Programmers - New 

Visit Interskill Learning for more information on mainframe training, including the newest IBM z/OS v2.1!