Tuesday, May 20, 2014

New Issue of Interskill Mainframe Training Newsletter is Available!

Interskill Mainframe Training Newsletter is an e-Zine published by Interskill Learning, provider of world-class Online Mainframe Training programs for the Mainframe Computing Industry. This issue sees the arrival of some much-anticipated updates to our curriculum (including z/OS V2.1) so make sure you request your free update!


Celebrating the 50th Anniversary of the Launch of the System/360 Mainframe!

So you think you know your IBM mainframe history? In honor of the IBM mainframe turning 50 this year, we have put together some real brainteasers that will either display how smart you are… or how old you are - or possibly both!  [Read]
Interskill Learning – Planned New Curriculum and Updates for 2014
Interskill Learning Releases of 2013
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Vendor Briefs
Tech-head Knowledge Test
Technical: Eight Ways to Improve Your Assembler Programs
Takuzu Puzzle
Learning Spotlight: Data Center Storage
Management: Software Products To Help Your Batch
Technical: Why Your Batch is Running Slow
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