Friday, February 14, 2014

New IBM z/OS v2.1 Training Courses are Here!

Interskill Learning is pleased to announce new and updated courses this quarter. The much anticipated IBM z/OS version 2.1 courses are here. We will have even more z/OS v2.1 in the coming months so check back.

List of New and Updated Courses!

Introduction to the IBM Environment Curriculum v2.1
     Introduction to IBM Enterprise Environment
     z/OS Systems Programming Fundamentals
     IBM Development Environment Overview

JCL Curriculum v2.1
    JCL (z/OS) - Introduction to z/OS JCL
    JCL (z/OS) - Using Special Data Sets in Batch Jobs
    JCL (z/OS) - Identifying and Resolving Batch Problems in JCL
    JCL (z/OS) - Coding Procedures and JES2 Control Statements

z/OS Curriculum v2.1
     z/OS Concepts and Components
     Initializing and Terminating the z/OS System
     Monitoring the z/OS System
     z/OS Architecture
     Identifying z/OS System Problems
     Resolving z/OS System Problems

IBM i Power Curriculum - IBM i Programming Fundamentals Series
     CL Programming - NEW
     CL Programming Functions and Messaging - NEW

Data Center Storage Management Curriculum
     Storage Networks, Administration, and DASD Management Using ICKDSF - (Previously titled "Managing the Storage Network") - UPDATED with new module.

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