Monday, January 24, 2011

February 1 sees Interskill Learning's first e-learning courseware release of 2011.

The Datatrain 10.3 Release will contain the following online mainframe courses:

  • The complete z/OS Series (JCL curriculum, ISPF curriculum, JES2 curriculum, z/OS curriculum) updated to V1.11

  • The z/OS Assembler Language Series updated to V1.11. (The Assembler z/OS Advance course is to be released Q2, 2011.)

  • The complete z/Linux Series updated to current Linux Kernel level 2.6.35

  • A new series on Virtualization that includes z/VM 6.1 and Linux on System z

  • A new Introduction to IBM Mainframe Communications Series at V1.11 that replaces the old VTAM Series. A further course on TCP/IP to complete the series is to be released in Q2, 2011
  • The complete CA OPS/MVS® Event Management and Automation Series updated to V11.8

Tuesday, January 11, 2011


Interskill’s mainframe e-learning is currently the ONLY up-to-date curriculum of online training available to the mainframe computing industry. Since 1993, across a client base of over 1,000 corporations and government bodies worldwide, Interskill’s e-learning curriculum has become a global mainframe education standard.

This comprehensive range of online mainframe training products includes:

o Mainframe e-Learning Courses: The mainframe industry's most comprehensive, technology-based education offering, encompassing over 150 titles of unmatched depth, breadth and currency.

o Mainframe Skills Assessment: Extensive banks of scenario based questions enable an organization to accurately evaluate the strengths and weaknesses of their workforce. Analyses of the data are used to set benchmarks, identify skill gaps, measure learning effectiveness and calculate ROI.

o Mainframe Learning Plans: Provide mainframe personnel with a graphical, defined path of learning activity that offers direction, motivation and lays the foundation for technical competence in their z/OS job role. Can be tailored to reflect particular systems and/or job role requirements.

o Mainframe Presenter Series: Simply populated presentation templates allow clients to quickly and effortlessly produce webinars and in-house classes on mainframe topic areas.

o MyInterskill™ Learning Management System: An enormously functional yet simple to use, web based LMS that delivers all courses, assessments and learning plans to your decentralized mainframe computing workforce – instantly, effortlessly and anywhere!

o Learning Services: A dedicated mainframe e-learning expert works with our clients for the duration of the license to insure that they achieve optimum success and ROI.

Visit the Interskill Learning website for more details.