Thursday, June 11, 2015

Recent News on Mainframe Skills Shortage is Alarming

The recent news from Compuware's study of CIO's planning for the looming mainframe skills shortage is not surprising. Compuware did a similar study in April 2012 and found that 71% of CIOs were worried about the mainframe skills shortages looming due to the first set of baby boomers reaching their retirement age.

In the recent study, 70% of the 350 CIOs are concerned with the lack of mainframe training and knowledge transfer will be an issue and risk. What was a bit more alarming is that 39% of those CIOs have no plans to address this risk. 

The survey also shows a few interesting statistics:

  • 88% believe their mainframe would remain a key business asset for at least the next ten years
  • 81% see their mainframe running new and different workloads driven heavily by distributed applications
  • 78% see the mainframe enabling innovation

  • So given these new findings, this is a perfect opportunity for future mainframers or existing ones, to get the proper training they will need to combat this serious shortage. Since 1993, across a global client base of over 1,500 companies, Interskill Learning has proven our expertise at developing and delivering training solutions that form the backbone of our clients' employee training on these mission critical systems.

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    *Some content above was referenced from Compuware

    Wednesday, June 3, 2015

    New Rational Developer for System z Training Courses Available Now!

    Interskill Learning​ is pleased to announce two new Rational Developer for System z (RDz) courses in this quarter's release.

    - Rational Developer for System z Basics
    - Creating and Managing Applications Using RDz

    Rational Developer for System z Basics : This RDz training course are an excellent introduction to IBM Rational Developer for System z for anyone needing to know the basics: from management to application testers.

    Creating and Managing Applications Using RDz : This course is designed for application development personnel preparing to use IBM Rational Developer for System z.

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