Monday, February 25, 2013

Interskill Mainframe Training Quarterly is Released!

FEBRUARY, 2013 | The Latest News From:

Interskill Mainframe Training Quarterly

Full of Interesting Topics!

The big announcement of IBM’s z/OS version 2 has the mainframe world talking. Interskill Learning is keeping you in the loop and preparing to have z/OS version 2 training available as soon as possible. This quarter also sees the arrival of some much-anticipated updates to our curriculum. Make sure to request a free upgrade to your subscription!

Interskill is giving away 10 free copies of “The Phoenix Project” (See page 13).  

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IBM z/OS Version 2 Release – What’s New?

After months of shrouded secrecy, details of IBM’s latest z/OS version to be released in September of this year have begun to emerge. “What’s new in z/OS 2.1?” [Read]

DevOps – Is this my future?

There has been plenty of hype in the media and even conferences have sprung up on the topic, but what is DevOps and should you be prepared for its implementation? [Read]

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