Thursday, November 8, 2012

The Mainframe Quarterly Newsletter is OUT!

Interskill Learning has released the Mainframe Training Newsletter! Be sure to check it out to get the latest tips and news on the Mainframe industry.

Click here to read the entire newsletter.

Full of Interesting Topics!

Continuing with our focus on cloud computing, we further investigate the impact of the cloud on the mainframe. This quarter also sees the arrival of some much-anticipated updates to our curriculum. Make sure to request a free upgrade to your subscription!

Don't forget too, we'd love to hear feedback on topics you'd like to see covered in future newsletters.

Happy reading! Sincerely,

Everyone at Interskill Learning.


Is Your Data Center Career Cloudy?

In this third article of a four part series our resident expert, Greg Hamlyn, looks at how to create your own portfolio of cloud skills and certification that will make you more marketable both inside and outside of your organization.
TECHNICAL NOTES | David Stephens

Assembler Disassemblers

At a recent client site, I came across a suspicious load module that didn‘t seem to be a part of any software product. It was APF authorized, but no one knew what it did. Browsing the load module showed no copyright statements, so it was probably ‘home-grown.’

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