Friday, November 30, 2012

New Mainframe Training Courses Released by Interskill Learning

Interskill Learning is pleased to announce new mainframe courses released This Quarter.
The entire z/OS Curriculum has been updated to v1.13. This includes all assessments, JCL, JES2, z/OS, SDSF, TSO/ISPF, Introduction to the IBM Environment and Data Center Storage Management (DCSM)
In addition to the z/OS version updates, we also have a new course added to the Mainframe Security Curriculum named: Introduction to Mainframe Security

A new curriculum has been also been added to our catalog that has extensive training on The z/OS Management Facility.
We also updated Introduction to z/Enterprise - EC12, z114 & zBX with newer IBM hardware training.

Visit website for more information on mainframe training online.

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